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BunkerMetric’s bunkering optimization application, BunkerPlanner, is now available on the Kognifai Marketplace
BunkerMetric’s bunkering optimization application, BunkerPlanner, is now available on the Kognifai Marketplace

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Kongsberg Digital adds BunkerPlanner by BunkerMetric to the Kognifai Marketplace

Asker, Norway, June 8th, 2021 – Kongsberg Digital has signed a partnership agreement with BunkerMetric to add their BunkerPlanner software application to the Kognifai Marketplace. Designed to support ship operators in making optimal bunker purchasing decisions by helping to choose ports, volume and fuel grade for bunkering, BunkerPlanner by BunkerMetric can be used to minimize costs whilst taking relevant operational, commercial and regulatory factors into consideration.

By using BunkerPlanner, Vessel Insight subscribers can expect cost savings of 2-4% on bunker operations, which, for a vessel burning 20 tons of fuel per day and sailing 250 days a year, translates to potential annual savings of USD 20-80,000 per vessel. The ROI is usually within a few months of operation.

“We are happy to welcome BunkerMetric’s BunkerPlanner as a new partner application on the Kognifai Marketplace,” says Eirik Næsje, Senior Vice President of Vessel Insight, Kongsberg Digital. “The BunkerPlanner application by BunkerMetric will benefit Vessel Insight subscribers with almost immediate effect by helping them choose the right bunker port, volume and grade. Bunker planning is a complex puzzle for shipowners, especially when navigating all operational, commercial and regulatory constraints. Having an application to incorporate these factors in the decision-making process can improve efficiency and reduce the risk of Vessel Insight subscribers making the wrong choice for bunkering.”

BunkerPlanner integrates with Kognifai and other relevant data sources, such as port call costs and the daily bunker market, to develop a specific bunker plan for each vessel based on calculations made from the contextualized data. A daily email communicates BunkerMetric’s recommendations to the fleet, showing vessels’ priority for bunkering. Additionally, customers can use a web interface to review plan details, access information on prices and run new scenarios at any time.

In-depth understanding

BunkerMetric’s BunkerPlanner models a vast number of recommendations, taking into account business rules such as commingling of fuels on board, time charter costs vs. costs for speeding up when choosing bunker ports, quarantine constraints, congestion in bunker ports, barge costs, port call costs and many others. By considering these details whilst taking a holistic view of costs, BunkerMetric can provide better, more authoritative recommendations.

“We are excited that the combination of wealth and accuracy of data from KONGSBERG’s Vessel Insight and BunkerPlanner’s detailed calculations for bunker buyers will give direct and significant savings to our joint subscribers,” says Christian Plum, CEO, BunkerMetric. “The complexities of buying and burning bunkers are ever growing, with new rules such as ECA Zones, 0.5% Sulphur limit and no-scrubber zones having come into force in the last few years. In the future we will see EEXI, CII and wider adoption of new fuel types. Operators and bunker buyers navigating in this market need good tools such as those as provided by BunkerPlanner, based on good data provided by KONGSBERG.”

BunkerPlanner by BunkerMetric will be available for Vessel Insight subscribers on the Kognifai Marketplace from June 8th, 2021.


Mathilde Magnussen
VP Communication and Marketing
Kongsberg Digital
(+47) 456 78 255

Niels Juncker
Director, Sales and Business Development
(+45) 20 95 97 20

David Pugh
Account Manager
Saltwater Stone
(+44) 1202 669244

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Kongsberg Digital is a provider of next-generation software and digital solutions to customers within maritime, oil and gas, and renewables and utilities. The company consists of more than 500 software experts with leading competence within the internet of things, smart data, artificial intelligence, maritime simulation, automation and autonomous operations.


KONGSBERG (OSE-ticker: KOG) is an international, leading global technology corporation delivering mission-critical systems and solutions with extreme performance for customers that operate under extremely challenging conditions. We work with nations, businesses and research environments to push the boundaries of technology development in industries such as space, offshore and energy, merchant marine, defense and aerospace, and more. KONGSBERG has about 11,000 employees located in more than 40 countries, creating a total revenue of NOK 25.6bn in 2020. Follow us on:, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn


BunkerMetric is a Scandinavian software company bringing the power of advanced digital technologies to the marine bunkering segment. Our state-of-the-art algorithms and data platforms support you to uncover bunkering strategies and market insights, with a direct positive impact to your organization’s bottom line. BunkerMetric was founded in 2018 and the founders have been working with Bunkers, Digitization and Shipping for more than 15 years. BunkerMetric is backed by investors and partners like IBM, Signal Ventures, Kongsberg and others.

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