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The VETUS E-POD electric propulsion solution will be introduced at Miami International Boat Show
The VETUS E-POD electric propulsion solution will be introduced at Miami International Boat Show

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Miami International Boat Show: Electric Propulsion Pioneer VETUS Introduces E-POD Drive Solution

Progressive Miami International Boat Show, February 13th to 17th


New at Miami International Boat Show, VETUS is launching the E-POD - a compact electric propulsion solution for smooth and silent sailing on power and sailboats up to about 25 feet.

With no rotating or vibrating parts on-board the boat, the all-in-one VETUS E-POD system operates with no noise and is simply mounted in the stern of the vessel without the need for a shaft or propeller. As there is minimal room required inside the boat, more of the interior living and storage space can be opened up when using the E-POD than with any other propulsion solution.

The 7.5 kW VETUS E-POD package features a specially designed rim mounted propeller, minimizing cavitation and reducing the sound to ensure comfortable, environmentally-friendly cruising at low speeds.

Once the E-POD is installed, the only requirement is to wire in the battery bank as well as the VCAN control wiring. VCAN wiring provides reliability and flexibility to install the helm wherever desired, while the small number of components ensures maintenance is minimal.

Chris DeBoy, VETUS MAXWELL Vice President of Sales and Marketing, said: “As the company who created the first electric propulsion solution 20 years ago with our EP2200, VETUS is excited to now develop its new technology further with the introduction of the E-POD. This complete electric propulsion package is not only very efficient, but also environmentally friendly, plus it offers simple alignment and installation with minimal maintenance. With the complete unit residing beneath the boat and no shafts or rotating parts, boat owners will have more room left inside their boat, while, for boat designers, it is a game-changer as it enables additional lay-out options.

“The high-end VETUS E-POD makes it possible for boat owners to experience and enjoy their surroundings in total silence as they gently cruise through nature. It is another example of VETUS’s continued focus on enhancing the boating experience and preserving the environment.”

The E-POD propulsion package can be supplied as a complete system including thrusters and steering components to fully outfit a vessel.

VETUS MAXWELL is showcasing a wide range of marine products at the Progressive Miami International Boat Show on a new joint booth with YANMAR at F Tent: F200. The company’s Topaz demo boat will also be available at the show. Equipment on the stand includes: the larger BOW PRO Boosted Thrusters, the BOWB180 and BOWB210; the new double thruster DBPPJA joystick control for BOW PRO thrusters; the new standard BOW18024D thruster; and the FTR330M Series water strainers and RC Series windlasses.

Courtesy of YellowV, the new VETUS brand offering fun, eye-catching inflatable equipment and accessories, visitors to the stand will also be able to sign up for a chance to win a YellowV SUP.

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For further information, please contact: 

Babette van Waes
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Chris Deboy
VETUS Maxwell
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Mobile: +1 (0)410-409-8108

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Saltwater Stone
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VETUS is an internationally-renowned developer and manufacturer of complete marine product systems ̶ including engines, generators, bow thrusters and control panels ̶ for recreational craft and small commercial vessels. VETUS prides itself on innovation and the majority of the 4,000 products it supplies are part or wholly designed by its in-house engineers. Founded in 1964, VETUS has its headquarters near Rotterdam, in the Netherlands, as well as subsidiaries in 16 other countries and a worldwide distribution and service network.

All products marketed by VETUS are part of a complete system, with any connecting components also available for ease of use. VETUS strives to ensure everything it supplies is as simple to install and maintain as possible, to make life on the water more enjoyable for its customers.

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