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EnviroManager’s data and functionality facilitate position-based regulatory compliance
EnviroManager’s data and functionality facilitate position-based regulatory compliance

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OneOcean to present EnviroManager at EnviroTech

Per Osterberg, OneOcean’s Environmental Product Specialist, will be sharing the latest features available within EnviroManager and EnviroManager+ at the EnviroTech for Shipping Forum this week. The event, for which OneOcean is a Silver sponsor, will be held in Rotterdam from 9-10 September 2021. The conference provides a platform for key players in the maritime marketplace to discuss new and upcoming technologies to combat and manage climate change, and environmental regulation within the industry.

With data from over 500 environmental zones and 170 nations, EnviroManager is a simple, user-friendly application within the OneOcean platform. Supported by the most comprehensive compliance database in the maritime industry, it allows users both aboard and ashore to stay informed of environmental regulations in force in areas around the globe. It is kept up to date by a dedicated team who actively search and verify regulations, and significantly lowers the risk of faulty discharges and the commercial repercussions that follow.

EnviroManager+ adds the ability for shoreside teams to deploy company policies and communicate external regulations directly to vessels through position-based guidance. This is becoming increasingly important for route optimisation and enables companies to set standards that can be applied throughout the entire fleet, by vessel type or by location. Using a standardised view for all vessels ensures that crew can be trained more easily.

“We are delighted to have been invited to speak about EnviroManager at EnviroTech,” said Martin Taylor, OneOcean CEO. “Our experience with EnviroManager and EnviroManager+ has proved that they are of great benefit in aiding users to keep abreast of regulations and implement strategies to ensure continuous compliance wherever the vessel is operating, enabling safe, efficient, legal and sustainable operations.”

The data and functions within EnviroManager have been a major contributor to OneOcean’s success in the market over the past 10 years, and during his presentation Per will reveal that that these assets will soon become available for use with other software via custom-built APIs.

With this functionality, third-party companies will be able to integrate EnviroManager’s data into their own internal systems to enhance workflows and create data insights for operational efficiencies. By taking this step, OneOcean is aiding stress-free compliance with multiple international and regional regulations; and helping to build a more sustainable maritime industry.

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Head of Marketing
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