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Sika UK's Stand at Ask the Experts Live
Sika UK's Stand at Ask the Experts Live

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Sika Limited: Sika’s Expertise Draws the Crowds at Beaulieu

Taking part for the second year in Practical Boat’s Owners popular ‘Ask the Experts Live!’ event, Sika UK offered invaluable advice to DIY enthusiasts on the use of marine sealants and adhesives.

Sika UK’s technical services expert, Gareth Ross demonstrated how Sika’s range of sealants could be used for bonding and waterproofing on board. Gareth said, “I have to say, the first hour was crazy, in a good way. I was completely swamped by enquiries and people asking about products. Having a later talk slot this year meant I could learn from what people were asking me and incorporate some of those questions into my presentation. It’s been a great way to demonstrate how to use Sika Marine products correctly and with confidence.”

Two of the most common questions asked during the one day event were how to prolong the life of a cartridge of Sikaflex® once opened and how could Sikaflex® be removed once cured. While sealants do have a limited lifespan, a good way to extend it would be to put the opened product in a refrigerator. Alternatively Sika offers a mini 70ml pack version of its popular Sikaflex® 291i adhesive range which helps prevent any wastage.

Uncured Sikaflex® can easily be removed by using Sika® hand wipes or Sika® Everbuild® Wonderwipes®, usually within the first few minutes of applying the product. Removing cured Sikaflex® depends entirely on where it is applied. However generally speaking, cured Sikaflex® can only be removed mechanically i.e. a sharp knife, vibra-saw, cheese wire – or abrading it off with a sander.

Two products, unfamiliar to most marine users, created some very positive interest. SikaFast® 5211NT, a fast-curing, flexible adhesive, can be applied with ease and is an excellent substitute to mechanical fastening methods such as welding, clinching, and riveting. It is ideal for strong bonding of concealed joints on a variety of materials such as plastics, top coats, etc.

There was also keen interest in SikaLastomer®-710 which is a butyl based sealant which can be removed with ease and without destroying the substrate. This was of particular interest to those working on projects which could be dismantled at a later date.

For more information on these products and practical advice on using Sika’s marine sealants, visit

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Sika Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sika AG, a global company based in Switzerland specialising in the manufacture and supply of chemical based products for construction and industry. A world-leader in its field Sika has subsidiaries in more than 70 countries, generates annual sales of CHF 4.6 billion and is committed to providing quality, service, safety and environmental care.

In the UK, Sika provides market-leading solutions for flooring, sealing and bonding applications, waterproofing, roofing, structural sealing and strengthening and many other construction applications.

Sika’s head office is based in Welwyn Garden City at Watchmead, Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, AL7 1BQ. Call 01707 363866, or visit

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