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Corrections: Sustainable Brand Index 2016 Finland

On April 6th we published the annual results of the Nordic´s Largest Brand Study on Sustainability – Sustainable Brand Index. Rankings were published for all Nordic countries. Due to a human error internally, the ranking for Finland contained some faults. These faults were entirely administrative. We are now publishing the corrections. All public reports and rankings lists have been corrected as well.

Brands added to the official list
These brands fell of the list during the internal data transfer:

  • SOK (number 21)
  • Sale (number 70)
  • K-supermarket (number 10)
  • Kotimaista (number 14)
  • K-market (number 19)

Brands taken off the official list:
These brands are assessed every year in order to create analytical benchmarks internally. However, they were not intended to be officially published.

  • K-Kauppa (number 7)
  • Ingman (number 11)
  • Musta Pörssi (number 94)

These errors lead to a number of alterations in the Finnish ranking list: K-Kauppa is no longer the winner among Grocery Stores. The new winner is instead S-market. Sale, K-supermarket and K-market have all been added to the industry Grocery Stores. Prisma has been moved from Retail to Grocery Stores and SOK is the new number two in Retail.

Important to note is that the faults were entirely administrative and not analytical. Brands and industries were mixed up when data was transferred from a file to the official report. 

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