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Windows virtual server becomes easier

Serversky AS has made virtual server to which anyone can use. They specialize in providing pre-installed servers that are ready to use from the first minute. No installation and no configuration. If you find a server you like, you can be assured that Serversky has done the job for you!

The basic idea was simplicity.
Much of the development within the computer and communications industry is fast and often difficult to keep up with. This also applies to virtualization technology as well.Serversky had a vision that this could be done much easier for the end customer and the customer can save huge cost in consulting fees and expensive server solutions.Serversky using Microsoft Hyper-V virtualization technology and cooperates closely withMicrosoft.

VPS Gallery
Windows VPS Gallery is a collection of ready-made setups of virtual servers. If you want a databaseserver, web server, game server or etc., you can browse the gallery to find something that fits. If you find that you are looking for you can make a single order and get the server delivered within minutes. We not only install the software for the customer, but we configure it, set up rules in the firewall, etc. All this is automatic and will set up specific to each customer.

VPS Builder
Windows VPS Builder is a brand new unique concept. In cooperation with Microsoft, this has been discussed a lot and they are not aware of similar solutions elsewhere inEurope. VPS Builder is based on the same as the VPS Gallery, but here you can even set up the programs you want installed. You get a list of all available programs where you can easily check what you want. The programs will be installed and configured.

VPS mobile application
We have also made ​​a VPS mobile application where you can always stay up to date of the server status. If there is anything that goes down or the server reaches a critical levelfor the RAM, hard drive, etc., the phone informs you that you should make an inspection.This is a free service and is located on the Android Market.

Serversky clearly has made ​​a solid entry in the virtual market.

"We have focused strongly and sees clearly that there is a need for this type of product. Many people choose to virtualize their server solutions, so why not get a head start with a pre-installed server?" Said Ronny Mjelva, CEO of Serversky AS.


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We have many years of experience in Microsoft Hyper-V virtual hosting business. This has given us the knowledge and experience we need to maintain a good quality as well as security. Good support is often the key to success. Therefore we always have technicians who can help you as a customer if you have any questions about your server.