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Sitecore helps easyJet deliver a personalised home page for each of its millions of web site visitors

London, UK – 16th August 2012 Sitecore’s content management system (CMS) has been implemented by Europe’s leading airline easyJet, to deliver a dynamic, personalised home page for each web visitor based on location and user activity, across all of its 19 regional web sites.

easyJet is the UK’s number one travel search term and its website attracted 364 million visits in 2011; according to Kantar Media, 49% of all UK adults with internet access visited the easyJet web site in the first quarter of 2012.   Sitecore, with its partner True Clarity began implementation of Sitecore CMS late summer 2011 to replace easyJet’s in-house CMS solution. The airline wanted to enhance the brand experience for its visitors right from the home page.  It uses Sitecore CMS to use information available from each web visitor to then show images and content that is helpful and relevant to that visitor, such as flights from local airports.

For the first time, the easyJet home page also shows a selection of real-time prices for flights relevant to the visitor for targeted destinations - no mean feat when you consider the breadth and depth of easyJet’s 600+ route portfolio and the fact that there are typically tens of thousands of visitors on the site during daylight hours, causing prices to change regularly.  This allowed easyJet to highlight its great value prices and allows users to click straight through into the booking funnel for these flights.

easyJet and True Clarity initially introduced the new personalised home page to just 1% of the UK traffic, testing against the standard home page, and incrementally ramped up traffic to the entire UK and Netherlands home pages by the end of 2011.  An early test for the new Sitecore CMS platform was easyJet’s January Sale, which at its peak was handling more than 150,000 page views per hour and with easyJet achieving five sales per second, the equivalent of two planes per minute.

Both easyJet and True Clarity have now completed home page personalisation across all 19 easyJet regional websites, in 14 languages – attracting visitors from 221 countries.  easyJet now plans to harness the potential of Sitecore’s Customer Engagement Platform (CEP) to develop deeper engagement for each of its tens of millions of customers.

Laust Sondergaard, chairman, Sitecore UK Ltd, commented:

“Our work with easyJet shows the impact Sitecore can have on a business, and this is just through personalising the home page. 

Web personalisation works; customers and visitors benefit because they receive the content they want, quicker.  Brands can start to respond to customer needs and engage in dialogue – and all this means increased revenues.”

James Millett, Head of Digital, easyJet, commented:

“For a start, the sheer power of the tool out of the box has transformed the way we can change the site to react quickly to external factors.  For example, during the recent wet spell we had a series of ad banners encouraging users to escape the rain – such a simple premise but very difficult to achieve quickly before we implemented Sitecore.

This power, coupled to the dynamic pricing and the increasing levels of personalisation the site is beginning to offer, means we are able to offer ever-more relevant content to our visitors which is helping us drive our brand values – easyJet is passionate about making travel easy and affordable!”


About easyJet

easyJet operates Europe's No. 1 air transport network with a leading presence on Europe's top 100 routes and at Europe's 50 largest airports.

easyJet flies on more than 600 routes between more than 130 airports in 30 countries. More than 300 million Europeans live within one hour's drive of an easyJet airport, more than any other airline.

The airline takes sustainability seriously. easyJet invests in the latest technology, operates efficiently and fills most of its seats which means that an easyJet passenger's carbon footprint is 22% less than a passenger on a traditional airline, flying the same aircraft on the same route.

About Sitecore

Sitecore redefines how organisations engage with audiences, powering compelling experiences that sense and adapt to visitors both online and in-person.

Sitecore’s leading Content Management System software is the first to cohesively integrate with marketing automation, intranet portal, e-commerce, web optimisation, social media and campaign management technologies. This broad choice of capabilities enable marketing professionals, business stakeholders and information technology teams to rapidly implement, measure and manage a successful website and digital business strategy. Businesses can now easily identify, serve and convert new customers with Sitecore’s Digital Marketing System, part of its encompassing Customer Engagement Platform.

Thousands of public and private organisations have created and now manage more than 32,000 dynamic websites with Sitecore including ASOS, British Red Cross, Brother, Cadbury, DVLA, Dyson, easyJet, E.ON, The FA, Heineken,  Kia Motors, Lloyds of London, Manchester United FC, Oxfam,, Virgin Active and Visa Europe - visit for more information.

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