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Refined sound and classic style with G Series micro Hi-Fi systems

Enjoy a pure sound performance

G Series micro Hi-Fi systems have been crafted to deliver a sound quality to impress even the most demanding audio enthusiast.

Drawing upon years of expertise developing amplifiers, our G Series micro Hi-Fi systems use innovative geometric grounding technology to minimise amplifier distortion so you hear accurate rhythm and tempo whether you’re listening to a thumping rock anthem or a gentle classical track.

Compact speakers are designed to handle the high power output of the amp and deliver a natural acoustic balance. Every tiny detail, from grooved internal speaker walls to the woofer and tweeter construction, creates a pure sound which lets you lose yourself in the music performance.

Classic looks and a premium finish

Simple and elegant, G Series micro Hi-Fi systems recall classic analogue Hi-Fi systems. The main unit is finished in solid aluminium with a hairline finish and retro-look control knobs. The light colour of the aluminium creates a striking contrast with the high-gloss black piano speakers.

Design is subtle, understated and always focused on the listening experience. Moving the volume control a millimetre to the right and adding an outer ring adds to the beautiful simple design. Using polyurethane paint for speaker coating minimises unnecessary resonance for a crisp, clear audio performance.

Stream music from iTunes with AirPlay

G Series micro Hi-Fi systems with Wi-Fi (CMT-G2BNiP) has AirPlay built in. This lets you stream music from your iTunes collection on your iPod touch, iPhone or iPad – or your PC/Mac – directly to your G2BNiP. So you can give your favourite tracks and playlists a big audio sound.

AirPlay works over Wi-Fi or an Ethernet connection, or a combination of both. You can stream music directly from your home network if you’re near an Ethernet port or connect wirelessly if you’re not.

Airplay not only streams your iTunes collection to your G2BNiP, it streams information about your music too. Song titles, artists, album names appear on your G Series micro Hi-Fi system’s display.

Other ways to enjoy your music

As well as AirPlay, G Series micro Hi-Fi systems offer a variety of other ways to play your favourite music. Certified as Made for iPod, you can easily connect an iPod or iPhone via USB and hear tracks in all their glory. Or plug an MP3 player or USB memory stick into the USB port and make the most of your digital music library.

G Series micro Hi-Fi systems with Wi-Fi (CMT-G2BNiP) mean you can connect to a wireless home network and play music from your PC or Internet radio channels – with no clutter of cables. Use the Wi-Fi to stream tracks to Wi-Fi devices in other rooms. You can even download a free iPhone app and control a G Series Hi-Fi from anywhere at home.

There’s DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) radio too. Enjoy even more music, news and sport in digital quality. DAB means easier tuning, reduced interference, information on artists and tracks and access to a huge range of local and national radio stations.

The choice for music connoisseurs

“G Series micro Hi-Fi systems have a classic design style but are packed with the latest audio and network innovations,” said Matt Coupe, Audio Category Marketing Manager, Sony UK. “The premium finish and purity of the sound performance will give audio enthusiasts everywhere an exquisite listening experience.”


G Series micro Hi-Fi systems at a glance


Expand your music choice with AirPlay, Wi-Fi and DAB radio

  • High acoustic performance and premium design
  • Built-in AirPlay and Wi-Fi for streaming music from around the home
  • DAB radio, USB connection for iPod/iPhone and MP3 playback


High quality sound for digital music and DAB radio

  • High acoustic performance and premium design
  • USB connection for iPod/iPhone and MP3 playback
  • DAB radio and FM/AM tuner


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