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Sony delivers a smarter on-the-move computing experience

Ultra-portable, easy to carry new VAIO P Series

with GPS, Digital Compass and Accelerometer

·         Colourful ultra-portable PC weighs just over 600g

·         New design for two-handed operation while standing or walking

·         GPS and Digital Compass

·         Accelerometer sensor

·         Built-in Everywair 3G

·         Clear, bright, widescreen VAIO Display Plus

·         Easy to use with Quick Web Access


It’s smaller than a notebook and smarter than a smartphone: the colourful VAIO P Series from Sony is your perfect partner for on-the-move computing.


Weighing just over 600g and slipping effortlessly into a bag or jacket pocket, the new VAIO P Series gives you all the power of a fully-featured Windows® computing experience, and so much more.


It’s the first VAIO designed for simple operation if you’re standing or walking. The central trackball is complemented by an additional touchpad and mouse buttons. Duplicating the main controls, they’re located at either edge of the screen for comfortable operation with both thumbs while you’re holding the computer in two hands.


The VAIO P Series is the first notebook from Sony with built-in GPS and a new Digital Compass. Perfect for telling you where you are and what’s happening around you, they can help you find your hotel or a nearby restaurant if you’re standing on the street corner in an unfamiliar city1.


Brand-new VAIO Location Search software offers a real-time map view without tying up your web browser. Your map position and orientation are displayed along with nearby Points of Interest and even local weather conditions.


The ultra-light notebook’s ‘on-the-go’ credentials for travellers are boosted with Everywair 3G on-board, giving high-speed connectivity to mobile networks (where available).


The new VAIO P is the first notebook from Sony with a built-in accelerometer that responds to physical movements. Just give it a gentle shake to ‘flick’ through pictures or the pages of a PDF document, or to navigate back and forth through your web browsing history.


The sensor also recognises when the VAIO P Series is turned on its side, automatically ‘flipping’ the screen for easy reading of documents or web pages in portrait mode. The notebook’s additional mouse buttons are perfectly placed for comfortable page-turning when you’re reading in portrait position – just like a paperback book or magazine.


The new VAIO P Series is beautifully designed for easy operation, with a comfortable full-pitch keyboard for easy typing, plus a bright, extra-wide VAIO Display Plus screen that’s ideally proportioned for viewing movies or two web pages side-by-side. There’s also an ambient light sensor that dims screen illumination for comfortable viewing while saving power.


For extra convenience, dedicated buttons are provided for Quick Web Access and one-touch access to VAIO Care. There’s also a handy new Change Resolution button; instantly select a larger font size for easy on-screen reading, or choose maximum detail for HD movie viewing.


Available in five colours (black, white, pink, green and orange), the new VAIO P Series is complemented by a choice of stylish accessories that includes a distinctively perforated silicone slip case and carry strap.


The new VAIO P Series ultra-portable notebook is available from Sony Centres and from June 2010.


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