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Sony’s new EXTRA BASS™ speaker range boosts your party with powerful sound

  • Enhance every beat and boost your party with EXTRA BASS
  • Keep the celebration going in any location thanks to the easy-to-carry design and improved durability[1]
  • Create the perfect party atmosphere with the new lighting design[2] and colours

Sony today refreshes its EXTRA BASS™ wireless speaker line up with the addition of the SRS-XB12, SRS-XB22 and SRS-XB32 portable speakers, along with the new GTK-XB72 high power speaker.

Sound that packs a punch

Feel the deep and punchy bass sound with Sony’s popular EXTRA BASS™. The XB22 and XB32 have dual passive radiators, which work together with stereo full range speakers to enhance low-end tones and give bass a boost, despite the compact size. The XB12 uses a single passive radiator to achieve a similar effect.

A large cabinet and big woofers on the XB72 create stronger bass and expand the sound field for powerful sound.

With LIVE SOUND mode now available on the XB22, XB32 and XB72, you can enjoy a three-dimensional music experience as if you were at a live venue. LIVE SOUND mode expands the service area of the sound via angled speakers and Digital Signal Processing technology, producing three-dimensional sound which puts you in the thick of the music as if you were at a music festival. The range is ideal for hip-hop, dance and rap music lovers with bass at the heart of their music taste.

Boost the party

Thanks to the easy-to-grab design and a built-in accelerometer, the XB22 and XB32 now feature a Party Booster. The speakers react when you tap on them and create unique lighting and sound effects. Additionally, you can enjoy a range of fun party features on the XB72 via the companion Fiestable app. Customise your party with voice control, a new style motion control feature, and an interactive party light. Simply select ‘Party Lights’ in the free of charge Fiestable app to light up your phone in time to the music to recreate the live concert atmosphere via your smartphone.

Turn any venue into a party with the improved multi-colour line lighting on the XB32 and XB72. With multiple colours and flashing strobe lighting effects, the XB32 and XB72 give the party a nightclub atmosphere by syncing the lights to the beat of the music you love. Make it personal and customise these party functions via the Fiestable app[3]. The XB22 also comes with single colour line lighting to liven up your party.

Party proof

The speakers have an IP67 rating which means that they are resistant to water and dust.The XB12 has a rubber-like coating while the XB22 and XB32 pair this coating with a washable fabric. This makes your speaker completely party-proof. The XB32 and XB22 are also rustproof and shockproof[4] so there is nothing to stop you from enjoying your music to the maximum in any location. With a new range of colours, you can party in style.

With a long battery life of up to 24 hours[5] and a portable and compact design with a carry handle[6], your music can follow you anywhere. The XB32 can even charge your smartphone, so there’s no excuse to stop the party.

The SRS-XB12 is available from April 2019 with an SRP of £60 and €69 Irish

The SRS-XB22 is available from May 2019 with an SRP of £100 and €119 Irish

The SRS-XB32 is available from May 2019 with an SRP of £150 and €169 Irish.

The GTK-XB72 is available from April 2019 with an SRP of £300 and €349 Irish

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[1]Increased durability on XB12, XB22 and XB32 models

[2]Lighting design available on XB32, XB22 and XB72

[3]Lighting and motion control can be customised for XB32 on the Fiestable app. Additional customisation available for the XB72 via Fiestable app.

[4] This does not guarantee no damage, no breakdown, or waterproof and dust proof performance in all conditions. Deformation or damage from dropping the system or subjecting it to mechanical shock may cause deterioration of the waterproof and dust proof performance.

[5]XB32: Up to 24 hours (Standard mode/lighting off)

XB22: Up to 12 hours (Standard mode/lighting off)

XB12: Up to 16 hours

For above 3 models, actual performance may vary from the listed time due to the volume, songs played, surrounding temperature, and usage conditions.

XB72: It is powered with AC and not battery built-in products

[6]Carry handle only available on XB72


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