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Eazy Does it – The Standeazy Phone Stand for Entertainment on the Go

With ever more TV and video viewing apps launched for smartphones, phone stands are cropping up here, there and everywhere but the majority are either too bulky, too fiddly or too expensive for everyday use.

Discover Standeazy, the credit card sized phone stand designed for the iPhone and other smartphones or devices such as the iPod Touch. The concept is simple – a credit card sized piece of Priplak® polypropylene engineered to easily convert into a phone stand that allows for different viewing angles in both portrait or landscape mode.

Neatly fitting into any wallet, the phone stand excels with its practical size and extra stability thanks to a special folding mechanism. Standeazy currently comes in eight different designs. It’s suitable for devices with or without protective cases.  

So, when the commute on the train is getting a bit tiresome, Standeazy offers a simple, inexpensive and fun solution for converting smartphones into hands-free entertainment machines – be it for watching the news, catching up with TV shows, discovering the latest YouTube video sensations or just chilling by running a slide show of those last holiday snaps in the sun.

Even household chores are sweetened by the swift set up of a mini TV and cooking, ironing (or having a bath) can be taking on a whole new dimension…

For families facing the challenges of keeping toddlers calm when there is little distraction around, Standeazy keeps kids busy watching their favorite video on mum’s phone (without being tempted by all those buttons), leaving mum and dad to do their tasks – or to enjoy a quiet drink in a café after a long day.

And whilst Standeazy makes a great, unusual gift, this clever little stand is so useful, it shouldn’t linger on a wish list for Christmas, birthdays or Mothers/Father’s Day – it deserves a space in every smartphone user’s wallet no matter what the occasion.


“Is that simplicity at its bests or what?” (

If you want ultra portability then I’d recommend Standeazy. (


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Standeazy Limited is a UK company based in the West Midlands. Standeazy Limited are the designers and manufacturers of the Standeazy phone stand, a credit card sized phone accessory that fits in the wallet and enables smartphone users to utilise their phone apps hands-free - be it for watching TV, using skype or FaceTime, viewing slideshows or converting the phone into a stylish alarm clock.

Standeazy Limited also supplies corporates with bespoke stand designs for branding and marketing purposes.