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A book about confirmation – a book about life

Some say it’s a memory for life. Others say it’s something that ought not to be missed. Each year, more than 30,000 teenagers choose to be confirmation candidates in the Church of Sweden. This book about confirmation is the book for them!

The Church of Sweden is publishing a book for all 14-year-olds who are pondering on love, life, God, death, the future, sex, and friendship… issues that confirmation candidates have the opportunity to discuss with others. The paperback book Om konfirmation [About Confirmation] has compiled the outlook on life of various people – both famous and not famous.

“The book wants to demonstrate the diversity and rich content of the activities that are available as preparation for confirmation,” says Beatrice Lönnqvist, coordinator of confirmation issues at the Church of Sweden.

“Confirmation preparation time aims to help young people form a relationship with God, Jesus and the Church of Sweden. This paperback book is designed to generate inquisitiveness and interest in confirmation and illustrate a sense of togetherness and belonging in the Church of Sweden and the worldwide church,” she explains.

The content of the book spans everything from faith and confirmation to pastoral care, international work, thoughts on a sense of community, vulnerability and other issues that many young people are interested in.

This year, the group of future confirmation candidates is estimated to consist of about 70,000 14-year-olds who are curious about the somewhat bigger questions in life.


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