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Catholics and lutherans ready to make history in Lund and Malmö

- We are now ready to state publicly that Catholics and Lutherans are on their way from conflict to communion, and that we share what is most important: the gospel of Jesus Christ. That message is what we are going to give flesh tomorrow in Lund Cathedral and Malmö Arena.

These are the words of Archbishop Antje Jackelén on the occasion of the Vatican and the Lutheran World Federation under the heading of “The Joint Commemoration” commemorating the 500th anniversary of the Reformation in Lund and Malmö tomorrow.

The program includes a Common Prayer in Lund Cathedral and an event in Malmö Arena, “Together in Hope”, along with 10,000 participants. Present will be Pope Francis, along with the President of the Lutheran World Federation, Bishop Munib Younan, and General Secretary Martin Junge. Archbishop Antje Jackelén and Sweden’s Catholic bishop Anders Arborelius will also be taking part. The service will be broadcast live on television by public service broadcaster SVT.

The program on 31 October in full

- We are overwhelmed with joy that Pope Francis wants to come to here to take this historic step. The reformation and The Pope has for a long time been opposite things. Now we can see that there is a deep connection between the spirit of the reformation and the Catholic heritage, says Bishop Anders Arborelius.

Both Archbishop Antje and Bishop Anders are looking forward to a historic day.

- One of the big questions of our time is: what can we hope for? It´s a good thing to be able to say that now we are providing ground to be liberated to serve together in hope, says the Archbishop.

On Tuesday at 9.30 AM. a Catholic Mass will be held at Swedbank Stadion football stadium in Malmö with Pope Francis. General accreditation for The Joint Commemoration will also be valid there.

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General or special accreditation is required for press places at the reception at Malmö Airport, Common Prayer in the Cathedral, the event inMalmö Arena and The Catholic Mass at Swedbank Stadion.

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