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Islamic terror in Scandinavia

The suicide bomber in Stockholm and the arrest of armed terrorists in Copenhagen in December 2010 were expected from an analysis of political trends in recent years (”Reasons for reading Bible and Koran – antisemitism, christophobia, and islamophobia”, Culture, vol 29, 2009). It should be emphasised that islamic attacts on democratic countries are due to a dream about a global islamic revolution, a ”mission by sword”. The islamic revolution is not founded in the Koran, which acknowledges at least Israel as ”the land God gave the Jews” (Sura 5:20-21). Revolutionary socialists tend to support the islamic revolutions. ”The foe of our foe is our friend.” It is suggested that common knowledge of the Bible and the Koran would abolish the ”religious” basis of islamic terrorism.


Bo Norberg, editor

The Rondel


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