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"New Internet Platform Seeks to help the 5.2 million Asthma Sufferers in the UK”

Allergy Cosmos provides resources and information for a wide demographic of sufferers - from babies and parents, to toddlers and children, from first time to life long sufferers, young and old. Allergy Cosmos shares knowledge about asthma & allergies, allergen avoidance products, and other relevant resources. The site will review new products, web sites, articles and books, in order to help anyone fight their battle against allergies, asthma and general indoor air pollution.

 “Asthma affects one in five households in the UK, with dust mites, pets and mould allergies even more common. We want to help people to create a healthy home, and help them to breathe well again. Allergy Cosmos is the online platform that offers you all the information, service and support that helps you fight your battle against asthma, allergies and other respiratory problems.” says Allergy Cosmos founder Christian Lickfett.

Allergen avoidance is a key step in fighting asthma and allergy symptoms. There are many straightforward non-medical solutions that can be used to improve an allergy and asthma sufferer’s quality of living.

 “Education, awareness and the use of the right asthma and allergy relief products will make a significant difference to people living lives with allergies.“ Christian Lickfett, founder Allergy Cosmos.

 If you are suffering from allergies or asthma you live in a different world from everyone who is not allergic or asthmatic.  Dust, pollens, pet dander, traffic pollution, as well as gases and fumes can have a major impact on your life.

  • 1 in 3 of all 13-14 year olds in the UK shows asthma symptoms.
  •  Asthma is responsible for one hospital admission every 7.5 minutes, and one preventable death every 7 hours.
  • Allergies such as PAR (perennial allergic rhinitis) are so common today, that many sufferers believe it is normal to experience     regular dizziness, headaches, and lack of concentration.

 Ref.: World Health Organization. Global surveillance, prevention and control of chronic respiratory diseases: a comprehensive approach, 2007.

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Allergy Cosmos is based in London, UK.


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  • allergy has been developed to share knowledge about allergies, allergy products, and relevant resources that it has collected over the years. It will review new products, web sites, articles and books, in order to help anyone fight their battle against allergies, asthma and air pollution. We hope you will enjoy and benefit from the Allergy Cosmos!