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You won't want to miss this....The new TaholaCloud website is launched today.

TaholaCloud gives everyone in your organisation the power to make discoveries in your data – delivering instant value, growth & profitability, that will launch your business into the future.

And what’s more – its easy to use!

Would you like to find out how? Come and meet Buzz, founder of Galactic Dreams…....

Analysing data across multiple sites is a time consuming process and before implementing TaholaCloud, staff at ‘Galactic Dreams’ used to spend hours analysing data in order to produce their Monday morning reports. The business is growing fast and to ensure continued growth, an alternative solution was needed, a solution that would not only enable them to significantly reduce the time taken to create reports, but one that could also uncover hidden insights and trends in their data, that could never be found using spreadsheets alone.

To find out more about Buzz and how TaholaCloud transformed the way they do business at Galactic Dreams, take a look at the new TaholaCloud website.

Contact us to find out what TaholaCloud could do for you and your business.

Leigh Baillie

Marketing & Communications Director

Tahola Ltd

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