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The New York Times states, “Mobile Marketing is the most powerful media ever invented!”

The New York Times states, “Mobile Marketing is the most powerful media ever invented!”

And Google states, “If you don’t have a mobile app you are throwing away a large chunk of your business and things are only going to get worse!”

Stated simply, you are losing out if you are not taking advantage of this media! 

Here are some KEY BENEFITS...

• One on One Intimate Communication with Customers

• “PUSH” Notifications - Specials, discounts, reminders, Coupons, Etc. Read Rate of 97% vs. 5% with email

• One Tap Calling from the Mobile device

• Constant Branding - Right on the customers Mobile Device - They are on them 23 hours per day (some time they even sleep)

These are only few great reason to get a mobile app and here is a another very interesting fact.

There are currently only 775000, yes only seven hundred and seventy five thousand app in the app store on the planet, if you take out games, and gadgets that does not leave a lot of business apps, there are billions of business on the planet so there is a long way to go for business to understand what they have at their finger tips.

We now live in a Mobile World!

• The Web as you know it is DYING..

• Mobile Devices & Tablets are taking over

• Apps are replacing web sites

• It’s time for you to GO MOBILE!!!

For some bit of comparison...

• 800 Million Cars on the planet

• Personal computers - 1 Billion

• Television Sets - 1.5 Billon

• Email / Internet users - 1.35 Billion

• 80% of us have a mobile phone, and;

• 5.9 Billion mobile phone subscribers!!!

The questions is how do you take advantage of mobile phones, the answer is with a mobile app.  The next generation of marketing and sales.


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