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Joint Meeting Between Local Twinning Associations In Sussex

The meeting, hosted by the Hailsham & District Twinning Association, took place in Hailsham last week and sought to share ideas and identify common problems and solutions to issues currently facing twinning associations and groups across the region.


In addition to the Hailsham & District Twinning Association, groups that were involved in the meeting included the Chiddingly, Crowborough, East Hoathly & Halland, Heathfield & Waldron, Polegate, Rotherfield and Uckfield Twinning Associations. Representatives from each association were given the opportunity to give a short report on their recent activities and mull over mutual problems, some of which have recently celebrated special anniversaries with their twin towns.


Paul Simmons, president of the Hailsham & District Twinning Association commented, “Twinning associations are founded in order to provide a cultural exchange between the UK and mainland European countries to forge friendships and promote the understanding of different cultures and lifestyles.”


“It is of great benefit that different twinning associations take part in joint meetings of this nature to identify problems such as logistical issues and those relating to membership.”


The Mayor of Hailsham and vice-president of the Hailsham & District Twinning Association, Cllr Dr Ian Haffenden, said, “One of the issues that this was seen to be a constant problem by most of the associations present at the meeting was the fact that, although many associations are well supported by their local councils financially, on the whole, most still struggle with attracting younger people as association members.”


The Hailsham & District Twinning Association will celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the signing of the Charter with its twin town Gournay-en-Bray in France in October of this year, and a number of fundraising and cultural exchange events will take place in the coming months, details of which can be found at


The Hailsham & District Association is always looking for new members to take part in their hosting and social activities. These include youth members, members with children, and equally as importantly, people with fresh ideas and a positive outlook on Hailsham-Gournay relations.


For further information on how to become a member, contact John Puttick (Membership Secretary) on 013123 441787.

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