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Formula Student victories

TeXtreme® reinforced cars performed well at the 2011 Formula Student competitions at the Silverstone circuit, getting a number of awards.

TU Munich finished second and Chalmers University of Technology come on an admirable fourth place in the Class 1 overall. Chalmers University of Technology won the Acceleration event award. TU Munich won the Skid Pad event award, and also got an award for being the runner up in the Class 1 category overall.

UAS Kiel and Karlstad University also put on some good performances. UAS Kiel won the Class 1 Best Powertrain Installation award and finished on twelfth position in the Class 1 overall. Karlstad University finished on an honorable seventh position in the overall, getting all the TeXtreme® supported teams in the top twenty. All together, there were nearly eighty teams competing this year.

Some of the teams will also compete on the Hockenheim circuit later this summer and some new cars featuring TeXtreme® will enter the competition there.

More information about the results is available at the Formula Student website.


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