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TeXtreme® featured in the new Fanatic windsurfing board FreeWave TeXtreme


Borås, Sweden, 18th of August 2010

Windsurfing brand Fanatic recently released their boards for 2011 and amongst them is the FreeWave TeXtreme board built with the market leading Spread Tow Fabrics TeXtreme®.

Spread Tow Fabrics are known for its ability to reduce weight with maintained or improved mechanical performance, thus TeXtreme® being the leading brand in the category, the choice of material comes naturally when wanting to build an ultra light but still stiff application.

The FreeWave TeXtreme board is an ultra light model and is one of the most innovative constructions Fanatic has ever produced. On their Website, Fanatic describes the new board:

- High tech materials and top of the line engineering have led to arguably the lightest and stiffest FreeWave board on the market. Coupled with a stunning optic, this is the ultimate toy for every day on the water, waves or flat water!

TeXtreme® carbon fabric is used in many applications with high demands on performance, such as Formula 1, Ice hockey sticks, racing, and action sports.


For more info about the FreeWave TeXtreme board and Fanatic windsurfing, please visit the Fanatic website

To read about TeXtreme® and Spread Tow Fabrics please visit the Oxeon website.


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About Oxeon

Founded in 2003, Oxeon has quickly established itself as the market leader in Spread Tow reinforcements. Use of these Spread Tow carbon reinforcements increases the mechanical performance of composite material products and reduces the weight. Utilization of Oxeon’s TeXtreme® Spread Tow Fabrics and TeXero® Spread Tow UD tapes by manufacturers of advanced aerospace, automotive, racing, industrial and sports products in applications that have critical material performance requirements has affirmed the significance of Oxeon’s ultra light materials.


Christian Borg

Press contact Communication & Brand Director +46 33 340 18 13

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