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TeXtreme® series of field hockey sticks released

Netherlands based Kubus Sport is utilizing TeXtreme® Spread Tow carbon fabrics in the new high-end range of field hockey sticks for their premium brand Brabo Hockey. The new Brabo Hockey TeXtreme® series field hockey sticks are lighter, stiffer and stronger than previous sticks.

Brabo is launching a new generation of field hockey sticks based on a technology with connections to high-performance products such as Formula 1 cars. The use of TeXtreme® Spread Tow carbon fabrics makes the sticks lighter than ever before, with higher impact resistance than other carbon materials available. The three different models available in the Brabo Hockey TeXtreme® series are called TeXtreme® F1, TeXtreme® F2 and TeXtreme® F3.

Joep Paumen, brand manager Brabo Hockey says: “We’ve received  great feedback from our international sponsor players. They were impressed by the great characteristics of the TeXtreme® sticks. We are very happy that we can now offer an innovative range of sticks that are extremely light, but still offer  great stiffness. The best combination  you can think of in hockey”.

“TeXtreme® gives us the possibility to make thinner laminates, reduce the weight and improve mechanical performance. The advantages are allowing us to place the swing weight exactly at a position which will help you to play better!” Joep Paumen continues.

TeXtreme® Technology is based on producing carbon fiber fabric in a new innovative way. The TeXtreme® carbon material uses carbon fiber that is spread into very thin tapes and the tapes are then woven  into a fabric. By spreading the fiber the TeXtreme® carbon material has less crimp, straighter fibers and more fibers in a given volume. This improves performance and reduces the amount of resin needed which minimizes weight.

The new Brabo Hockey TeXtreme® series field hockey sticks are currently available in stores.


About Brabo Hockey
Good, better, best! That is our ambition and philosophy at Brabo. It means we will always want to improve an already excellent product range. Our best products must stay the best products. We want ensure that each hockey player can perform to his or her best ability through innovation of our product range, and by listening to our elite players.

We want our products to appeal to every hockey player. We do this by using cutting-edge alongside traditional designs. We at Brabo, along with our national and international dealers, expect a lot from each new range. We are counting on your support in achieving our goals, and in realizing the dreams of hockey players all over the world.

About Kubus Sports
Quality, stability and reliability. Your partner in sports business.

Kubus Sports is a specialized distributor in wintersports, fun-watersports, outdoor and fieldhockey with several A-brands. A well organized warehouse from where we ship to the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, France, Austria and the UK directly. Kubus Sports is also brand owner and manufacturer of Prolimit and Brabo Hockey which brands are worldwide represented out of Naarden in the Netherlands. 

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About TeXtreme®
TeXtreme® is registered trademark owned by Oxeon. Founded 2003 in Sweden, Oxeon has quickly established itself as the market leader in Spread Tow Reinforcements, sold under the name TeXtreme®.

TeXtreme® Technology is a flexible and tow size independent technology that enables development of ultra light composite reinforcement solutions tailor-made for specific application needs. TeXtreme® is produced using Oxeon’s novel Spread Tow- and Tape Weaving Technologies, rendering in optimized Spread Tow Tapes and Spread Tow Fabrics that enable production of composite parts that are 20-30% lighter with improved mechanical properties. Utilization of TeXtreme®  by manufacturers of advanced aerospace, automotive, industrial and sports products in applications that have critical material performance requirements has affirmed the significance of ultra light TeXtreme® materials.


Christian Borg

Press contact Communication & Brand Director +46 33 340 18 13

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