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Thatcham Research announces key appointments to engineering team

Thatcham Research has further fortified its pioneering role in automotive risk intelligence by making key appointments to its engineering team— Yousif Al-Ani as principal engineer - ADAS and Dan Harrowell as principal engineer advanced technologies.

Yousif Al-Ani's appointment catalyses Thatcham Research's ADAS research, propelling the business into new dimensions of risk assessment and operational efficiencies. With his MEng from the University of Strathclyde and pivotal experience at Seaward Electronic and Jaguar Land Rover, Al-Ani brings an unparalleled specialisation in radar hardware and software systems. Currently contributing to Thatcham Research's ongoing Mach-E driver monitoring study, Al-Ani utilises specialised tools like Vector data capture and Python-based dashboards, providing an added layer of sophistication to Thatcham Research data analysis and product development efforts.

Dan Harrowell's entry as principal advanced technologies engineer brings over two decades of multidisciplinary automotive experience into the business. Specialising in product development, programme management, and design engineering, Harrowell has a proven aptitude for leading high-performing teams in executing transformative vehicle development programmes. His focus on electrified powertrains and onboard data is augmented by analytical skills honed through the development of sophisticated manufacturing and process methodologies.

Jonathan Hewett, Thatcham Research chief executive, comments, "These strategic appointments are a pivotal step in Thatcham Research's ongoing mission to lead in automotive risk intelligence. The expertise Yousif and Dan bring elevates our research capabilities and strengthens our commitment to supporting our partners in identifying the best strategies for the safe adoption of new vehicle technologies and navigating the challenges of sustainable repair and total cost of ownership. Their addition ensures we rise to the challenge of a rapidly evolving industry."


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Thatcham Research is the automotive risk intelligence company dedicated to understanding the opportunities and risks of new vehicle technology and supporting our partners in identifying the best strategies for its safe, secure, and sustainable adoption.

The independent voice of automotive safety, security, and repair, we work in close partnership with insurers, vehicle manufacturers, technology providers and government, providing rigorous engineering-grade research and data to help minimise uncertainty presented by changes in technology and regulation.

The ability to repair vehicles safely and affordably is critical to sustainability, and Thatcham Research experts working across the business and in our state-of-the-art Repair Technology Centre produce a wide range of vehicle repair data, ranging from light structural research to full body methods. Thatcham Research is also a founder member of the international Research Council for Automobile Repairs (RCAR).

In addition, thousands of repair technicians have been trained in the Thatcham Research Automotive Academy, bringing vital new skills into the industry.

As an influential member of Euro NCAP, we have played a key role in raising safety standards high above regulation. We have contributed to the development of the Euro NCAP 2030 Roadmap; pioneered whiplash testing and prevention; and we lead the way in designing crash avoidance and assisted driving assessments.

Thatcham Research also runs and administers the Association of British Insurer’s (ABI) Group Rating system, providing dynamic risk intelligence that enables automotive insurers to price effectively. It provides an indicative view of the relative risk associated with a vehicle compared to others and is based on various factors, including Thatcham Research’s New Vehicle Security Assessment (NVSA), an internationally renowned benchmark which addresses evolving digital theft trends.

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