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David beats Goliath In the spam filtering game

Clean Communications Ltd. Had their email filtering service The Email Laundry pitted against the other global players in this technology space and were found to be leaders in their specialist field. The comparative testing was completed by “Virus Bulletin” who are the only company currently able to complete live testing on the latest generation of anti-spam products and services

The company developed a new technology for dealing with unwanted traffic for Internet Service Providers and other anti spam service providers which could effectively drop 99% of the email traffic without a risk of losing genuine email. The company call this their “Advanced Connection Filtering” technology and it is causing a major stir in the IT security industry.

“The results speak for themselves: the product blocked a stunning 99% of all spam pre-DATA without any false positives, which not only makes it the best performer among the three products that blocked email pre-DATA, but it also beats several solutions’ total spam catch rate” said Martijn Grooten the test director of Virus Bulletin in his report on the performance of the service. “Email that has passed the various connection level tests is then further scanned for spammy content and almost four fifths of the remaining spam was blocked this way.” There were 20 email security products and services involved in the tests.

 “We are delighted with the results” said Ken Bagnall the Managing Director of Clean Communications. “We are receiving payback  for all the Research and Development we have put into this area. Companies that use our service know they have made a wise decision from their own experiences and we hope to bring these levels of accuracy to more organisations soon. If an IT service provider hasn’t suggested a company should use our service then the company should ask them to investigate it on their behalf. Now small and medium companies can have the same services as big enterprises. The staff at The Email Laundry are old hands at providing “Cloud” based services and this creates good value and security for our customers”

 The Email Laundry is being sold in over 13 countries so far and is estimated to be one of the fastest growing innovation based companies in this sector. They also provide email archiving and email continuity services. More information is available at


Company contact: Ken Bagnall, Managing Director. Clean Communications Ltd. Ellenborough House, Dublin Road, Naas, County Kildare. Tel: +353 45 897766 UK +44 (0)208 0993797 US 1-617-9638322


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Clean Communications Ltd developed The Email Laundry anti spam service to provide email filtering as a service from the cloud. They provide the service to Managed Service Providers and ISP's. The service can also be licensed by other anti-spam companies. Clean Communications has its' European Headquarters outside Dublin, Ireland