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Andreas Svanebo came in as number 3, Åre Extreme Challenge

Earlier today Thule Adventure Teams Andreas Svanebo came in as number three in Åre Extreme Challenge (25km Kayak, 15km Mountainrun and 35km MTB).
Per Vestling came in on 7th place, tired in his legs from winning Le Grand Raid just some days ago.

Andreas run was impressive, around 10 minuts faster than second split! He was in a comfortable 2.5 minuts lead after 4h, but got a puncture on his bike and got passed...

Team Captain Martin Flinta, who won last year (his 5th victory), did not participate in this Challenge, tired after months of hard racing. Eva Nyström, our 3-times winner in womens category, also decided to rest her case after last weeks Half Ironman.

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