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Pests Prove Positive - Innovation in Pest Control wins Best Business Award

The successful collaboration of Revival Environmental and Rentokil has already proved positive, with news that a joint entry has won a Best Business Award for Best Innovation in the Private Sector.

Andrew Areoff, Chairman of the Judges said:

“Rentokil, in partnership with Revival Environmental have developed Entotherm, a significant advancement in the treatment and eradication of insect pests. This new chemical-free pest control process kills every lifecycle stage of an insect, from eggs to larvae, to fully- grown creatures, making it a more efficient way to treat infestations. Unlike Enthotherm, conventional chemical spray treatments normally need to be repeated several times and can fail to reach insects living in wall cavities or crevices. The judges consider this heat based treatment to be a major step forward in pest control and applaud the way Rentokil and Revival Environmental, have worked together to develop the treatment and bring this innovation to market.”

In March 2010, and following three years of research and extensive testing, Rentokil Pest Control, in partnership with Revival Environmental (part of The Revival Group), announced the new chemical-free pest control process, ‘Entotherm’. The treatment is quick, efficient to apply, and reaches all areas of infestation. The process uses the Revival Hydrothermic Drying System to eliminate pests such as cockroaches, bed bugs and pharaoh ants.

The Revival Company is the UK’s leading authority on the use of heat treatment to restore flood damaged buildings. The process is usually quicker and more cost effective than more traditional approaches, which favour rebuilding over restoration. They have the largest number of drying systems in Europe and the ability to deploy technicians quickly to site. The Revival Hydrothermic Drying Systems were used extensively in the recent Cockermouth flooding and ensured that ‘business as usual’ was quickly resumed.


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