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Tradewind Awarded Carbon Trust Loan For A Greener Business

Corwen, England (May 20, 2010) Tradewind, supplier of point of sale (POS) solutions and promotional products, have recently received a carbon trust loan, which will enable them to be more energy-conscious in their production techniques.

Tradewind, which has manufactured and supplied businesses with outdoor advertising units (such as newspaper display stands) since 1993, will be able to work in a greener fashion since being granted the loan, and save money by cutting down on emissions. The Carbon Trust is a not-for-profit company who work to give the economy a smaller carbon-footprint, by providing specialist support to businesses and the public sector on how to save energy, cut carbon emissions and set the example to others. Thanks to The Carbon Trust, Tradewind will be able to utilise powder coating techniques on their products, a process which release zero (or near zero) volatile organic compounds and other harmful substances.

Managing director Terry Rogerson commented: “We at Tradewind are thrilled with the support we have received in reducing our carbon emissions, as well as in speeding up our order service and enhancing our quality control. By using a greener powder coating technique this will allow our company to be more environmentally friendly than ever.  We hope other companies will follow in our greener footsteps.”

Find out more about Tradewind and their range of POS solutions at or contact them on 01490 413038.



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About Tradewind:  
Established officially in 1993 and having 30 years experience supplying the press trade, Tradewind is a leading supplier of newspaper stands, magazine stands, acrylic stands, point of sale stands, pavement boards and more. They are expert manufacturers too and can produce personalised display fixtures for any business and any product.