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Crowdsourcing Pizza Translations

With Pippa Middleton’s bottom still gracing the pages of many tabloids, we though it was about time to tell you guys how we caught some of the Royal Wedding fever.
By joining forces with Pizza Express, we were able to welcome all nationalities heading to London for the wedding by translating pizza menus into a wide variety of languages. Pizza Express asked their 58,000 Facebook fans to suggest the languages for translation, and these ranged from more conventional requests such as Spanish, Italian, Polish, Dutch, Russian, Chinese, French and Japanese, to spoof languages including Cockney, Pirate, Geordie, Klingon and -of course- the Queen’s English.
These novel menus would allow pirates to order a “Shipshape Sloppy Giuseppe” pizza, while Geordies could ask for some “Bruchetta wi’ some mushies”. Similarly, Cockney’s ordering a La Reine pizza were treated to some ‘Posh ‘am, olives and mushrooms’, with those royal subjects opting to speak the queen’s English expecting to see ‘A banquet of pepperoni with one’s choice of hot green, roquito, or jalapeno peppers’ with their American Hot. 
I am not even going to attempt to translate the Klingon menu in case I offend some Trekkies.  What is a “tlhIngan taghneH nay ‘ey tIr Soj” anyway? 
This was a great campaign to be involved with, and we are glad to hear that everyone enjoyed these comical menus.


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