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UK Airport Car Parks with Google Street View

Google Street View Helping you Park your Car at UK Airports.

UK Airport Car Parks have introduced Google Street View to help you get a glimpse of the airport car park and its surroundings before you buy.

As with most people the option to view something before you spend your hard earnt  money on it is quite important. That’s why UK Airport Car Parks have implemented Google Street View onto its website. The addition of a simple “Street View” tab allows clients to see the car park entrance and the surrounding area. Many people will find this useful as it sometimes adds that bit of extra assurance to the client knowing that they have seen where the car park is.

So imagine you’ve set off to the airport and you’re nearing the car park, then you notice a landmark or road for example which you’ve previously seen on the “Street View” tab on the website, that there is another plus point to having Google’s street view.

How to Use the Street View Option.

When viewing “Street View” on the website there are two windows displayed, the one on the left is the view of the car park and the one on the right is a map of the streets in the local vicinity with a moveable icon to dynamically change the view in the left window. This allows you to move about the area easily, you can also simply drag the image on the left to change direction and location, Google also has useful arrows and zoom in functions to help you navigate.


Currently not all car parks are covered by Google Street View this is either because Google has not mapped a particular street yet or more often because the car park is not situated near a public street. For example most of the car parks which are classed as ON airport are not covered by Street View because they are located in the actual airport compound and obviously Google cannot map these areas.

Street View and Airport Hotels.

UK Airport Car Parks have also added Google Street View to its airport hotels section of the website. Same applies as for car parking, you can get a quick glimpse of the hotel exterior and its general location. Again because a lot of hotels are situated away from roads it’s not always possible to get a Street View but by using the navigational tools you can look around the general area and more often than not you’ll find the hotel.

Street View for airport hotels is especially useful because the location of the hotel is very important to some people, after all it is where you are going to sleep for the night.

All in all Google Street View will be a helpful asset to you when choosing airport car parking or airport hotels, it might just be that extra bit of information which makes your mind up for you. Good luck and take a look at the UK Airport Car Parks website at .


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