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England's Regional Development Agencies: Response from England's RDAs to the Government Coalition Agreement

Sir Harry Studholme, England RDAs’ ‘Chair of Chairs’, said:

“The government's agreement published today says it will "support the creation of LEPs, joint local authority-business bodies…to replace RDAs" and that these "may take the form of existing RDAs in areas where they are popular".  We knew change was coming; we look forward to working with government, and with our local authority and business partners, on the detail of how new arrangements will be implemented.

“Government will undoubtedly want to consult with interested parties, in particular local authorities and the business community, on any future arrangements and on the best way of supporting a private sector recovery within the inevitable context of a smaller public purse.

“In the meantime, RDAs are committed to continuing to work hard with our partners to deliver existing and vital investment programmes to support hard-pressed businesses, help re-balance the economy and invest in our low carbon future.”


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