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News Distribution Service (National): Advisory Committee on Business Appointments - Annual Report

Issued by the News Distribution Service on behalf of the Advisory Committee on Business Appointments

The Government today published the annual report of the independent Advisory Committee on Business Appointments.

The report details the advice the Committee gave on the outside appointments which were taken up in 2009 - 10 by former Ministers and senior Crown servants within 2 years of leaving government.

Chairman of the Committee, Lord Lang of Monkton said:

"The Committee's report outlines the advice we gave to 7 former Ministers regarding 13 appointments. Conditions were set for 10 of these appointments. We also publish the advice we have given to the Prime Minister and the Foreign Secretary in respect of 27 Crown applicants regarding 43 appointments for which conditions were set for 31 of these appointments.

"The Committee welcomes the development and imminent publication of the Government's new Business Appointment Rules for Crown Servants and former Ministers. We continue to believe that it is in the public interest for people with experience of public administration to take up appropriate posts in the business world or elsewhere once they leave public office, but that there must be a fair and reasonable system that ensures that such appointments are made on a basis that does not give rise to justifiable public concern or criticism.

"The Committee's membership has changed substantially over the past year. I would like to take this opportunity to pay tribute to all the previous members who continued to serve well over their agreed terms of office. Their experience and knowledge was invaluable. "

The report is available at

Notes to Editors

1. Media enquiries about the work of the Advisory Committee on Business Appointments should go to Maggie O'Boyle.

2. Further information is available on the Committee's website

3. Advice given by the Committee on appointments taken up by former Ministers or Crown Servants is published on the Committee's website as soon as they are notified that a position has been taken up. 

4. The Advisory Committee on Business Appointments is a non-Departmental Public Body sponsored by the Cabinet Office. Members are appointed by the Prime Minister. 

5. The members of the Committee are Lord Lang of Monkton (Chairman),Dame Juliet Wheldon - appointed Morris of Aberavon to 30 April 2009,Lord Maclennan of Rogart to 31 May 2009,Admiral Sir Kenneth Eaton to 31 July 2009 and Sir Bryan Nicholson to 31 March 2010


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