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The Baha Mousa Public Inquiry (National): *Attention Defence and Home Affairs Correspondents / Accredited Media*

Date:   Wednesday 2 June, 2010

Start: 9.30am – Arrival

10am – Hearing Begins

Lunch: 1-2pm – Lunch Break

Finish: 4.15pm – Close

Location: The Hearing will be held at the Inquiry's premises in the City of London: Finlaison House, 15-17 Furnival Street, London, EC4A 1AB.

On Wednesday 2 June, at 10am, the Baha Mousa Public Inquiry will hear oral evidence from the former Armed Forces Minister, the Rt Hon Adam Ingram, in the penultimate week of the Inquiry’s ‘Module 3: Training and the chain of command’.

As part of the module’s final two weeks the Inquiry will also hear oral evidence from the former Defence Secretary, the Rt Hon Geoff Hoon (Thursday 10 June).

A full witness list can be found at:

The Inquiry is currently hearing evidence as part of ‘Module 3: Training and the chain of command’.

The module is examining issues, not limited to, but including:

- What, if any, instructions were given as to the use of ‘conditioning techniques’ and who, within the chain of command, was aware they were being used by 1QLR;

- What, if any, assurances were given by the Government, MoD and Army about the use of ‘conditioning techniques’;

- If it is found that training and orders (or the communication of orders) were inadequate, then where does responsibility for such failings lie within the Army chain of command and the MoD.

Notes to editors

1. A timetable of when the Inquiry will be sitting can be found The Inquiry will usually sit Monday-Thursday each week and any changes to this timetable will be published on the website. Hearings begin at 10am each day and will usually finish by 4:15pm.

2. An issues list is available on the Inquiry’s website at: This is designed as a guide to the issues that the Inquiry is likely to cover and it may be subject to revision from time to time.

3. All attendees (including accredited reporters) will be required to undergo security checks in line with normal court procedures before being admitted to the building.

4. Reporting Rules: Sir William Gage highlighted at the Preliminary Hearing that at the Court Martial of seven servicemen arising out of these events, the presiding Judge Advocate made an order, which remains in force for this Inquiry, requiring the media not to publish certain features and information in relation to the Defendants.  A note on these restrictions and subsequent orders made by the Chairman relating to the Detainees and other witnesses are available on the website.

5. Please note that space at the Inquiry is limited and is not guaranteed without accreditation or prior notice.

6. The Inquiry has a purpose-built media area as an extension to the Inquiry hearing room, served by live audio, video link and Livenote instantaneous transcript.  Those attending the Inquiry should note that both the hearing room and the media centre are subject to the following restrictions:

• Cameras and recording equipment are strictly prohibited.
• Phone calls in the hearing room are not permitted at any time. In the media centre they are not permitted when the Inquiry is in session, with all mobile phone/blackberry devices switched off or put on silent.
• Phone calls in the media centre may be made during breaks in proceedings but must conclude before the Inquiry resumes. To make calls during proceedings, reporters must leave Finlaison House.
• Laptops may be used in the media centre if they do not disturb others, but they may not be used to make live recordings of proceedings. Only limited numbers of power sockets will be available: laptops should be battery powered where possible.
• Personal entertainment devices such as MP3 players and iPods may not be used at the Inquiry when in session.
• The Inquiry reserves the right to eject (and if necessary to review the accreditation of) individuals who fail to comply with these conditions.

7. Please also note that space outside Finlaison House is extremely limited, with NO PARKING in, or near, the building.  

8. The media centre has a small kitchen in which tea and coffee making facilities are provided, along with a water cooler. Attendees are welcome to bring their own food, but eating and drinking in the hearing room are prohibited. The Inquiry cannot take responsibility for any items stored in this area.


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