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Conservative Party: A contract between the Conservative Party and you

David Cameron has launched a contract between the Conservative Party and voters.

The contract sets out certain specific things in exchange for people's vote.

"For the next six days of this campaign, I'm going to be travelling around the country with a contract between the Conservative Party and the voters", Cameron said.

"It's a contract that sets out what we will do as our side of the bargain. How we’ll make sure we’ll have good schools. What we’ll do to improve our health service. How we’ll make people feel safer on our streets. What our role is in getting the economy moving and making sure there are jobs."

Click here to read the Contract. It outlines key proposals on three areas:

  • Changing our political system to make it more accountable, open and local – including commitments to give people the right to sack their MP; cut the number of MPs by 10%; cut ministers’ pay by 5%; give local communities more power, and publish details of government spending and contracts.
  • Changing the economy to get it moving – including commitments to cut wasteful spending to stop Labour’s jobs tax; act now on debt; get Britain working by reforming welfare; reduce emissions and build a green economy; control immigration.
  • Changing society to help build a Big Society where everyone plays a part in helping to mend our broken society. This includes commitments to: increase spending on health each year; support families; raise standards in schools; increase the basic state pension; fight back against crime, and create National Citizen Service for every 16 year old.

"We haven’t had enough accountability in our government these recent years, they say things and say things but nothing changes", Cameron said.

"This contract will set out our side of the bargain, what we’re going to do. And I urge people to read it, to hold us to it, to make sure we deliver it as we all work together to build the stronger society, the faster growing economy, the cleaner political system that we all need to see in this country".


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