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Conservative Party: Prime Minister David Cameron delivers New Year message

Enterprise, aspiration, public service reform and national security should be the Coalition Government’s priorities for 2011, Prime Minister David Cameron has said.

In a podcast marking New Year, Mr Cameron said he believed ministers had been “decisive, bold and determined” and must maintain that drive in the coming months.

He added that the Government had the right plan to pull through the “tough times” ahead and make 2011 the year that Britain gets back on its feet.

The Prime Minister declared himself an optimist and said that he would begin the New Year in the same positive frame of mind as when he set out the task of starting a new government back in May.

“If we sort out our problems and make the most of our opportunities, we can be one of the international success stories of the new decade.”

However, the Prime Minister was careful to outline the challenges that lie ahead following the Coalition Government’s inheritance of an economy in deep trouble after the previous Labour government had accumulated the biggest budget deficit in Britain's peacetime history.

“A lot of the heavy lifting will happen in 2011. Each and every minister is acutely aware that the plans we have in place are tough – in fact incredibly difficult. But we’re clear that the alternative – indecision and delay – would mean taking unacceptable risks with our economy, our country and our people

“The national interest dictates that we do the right thing, which is to act and not the easy thing, which is to delay.”

Paying tribute to the huge sacrifice made daily by Britain’s armed forces serving in Afghanistan, the Prime Minister explained how 2011 is a crucial year in which security responsibility for districts and provinces in the country can start to be transferred to Afghan control.

The Prime Minister finished with an upbeat message to the British public as they prepare for the New Year.

“2011 is going to be a difficult year, as we take hard but necessary steps to sort things out.

“But the actions we are taking are essential, because they are putting our economy and our country on the right path.

“Together, we can make 2011 the year that Britain gets back on its feet.”


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