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Conservative Party: We need to work together for the national interest

David Cameron has set out a big, open and comprehensive offer to the Liberal Democrats to work together in the national interest.

The country’s problems are too serious for "party political bickering, grandstanding and point scoring", he said.

After the results of the election showed a hung parliament, Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg said that the Conservative Party should have a chance to form a government.

"I want to make a big, open and comprehensive offer to the Liberal Democrats", Cameron said.

"I want us to work together in tackling our country’s big and urgent problems: the debt crisis; our deep social problems; and our broken political system".

Cameron said that of course there are areas in which the parties would not agree, such as on the European Union, immigration and defence. But he emphasised that there are many areas of common ground between the two parties’ manifestos.

"There are areas where I believe we in the Conservative Party can give ground, both in the national interest and in the interests of forging an open and trusting partnership", he said.

"Our big, open and comprehensive offer to the Liberal Democrats involves helping them implement key planks of their election manifesto, providing the country with economic as well as political stability, and finding further ways in which Liberal Democrats can be involved in making this happen".

He also emphasised that it is important that the country gets a strong stable government quickly.

"The best thing for Britain now is a new government that works together in that national interest, and I hope with all my heart that is something that we can achieve."


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