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Labour Party: Gordon Brown: Cameron hiding true impact of Child Tax Credit cuts

Following David Cameron’s misleading claim on Sunday that he would not cut Child Tax Credits from those on incomes below £50,000, the Prime Minister and the Chancellor have stepped up Labour’s attack on the real Tory plan to cut Child Tax Credits from those on much lower incomes.

Prime Minister Gordon Brown, at a stump speech in South London, said:
“The Conservatives would cut Child Tax Credits for middle class families. And when we look at the figures, they want to take £400 million away from Child Tax Credits and that means families with incomes above £31,000.”

The Chancellor Alistair Darling said:
“The IFS criticised David Cameron’s claims on tax credits as 'incomplete at best and misleading at worst'. As he well knows, the facts show that to raise the £400 millions he’s pledged, he will be taking tax credits from families on total household incomes of £31,000 – not £50,000 as he has tried to claim. That’s a family of two earners on £16,000 each. Contrary to what David Cameron thinks, these people are not well off. With four days to go before the election, he’s got to admit that 1.3 million households on modest and middle incomes will lose up to £10 a week if he gets into office.”


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