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Labour Party: Labour launches Sports Manifesto at Loughborough University

Prime Minister Gordon Brown was today joined by Olympic stars of the future at Loughborough University, one of the UK's leading sports science institutions, to launch Labour's Sports Manifesto. It explains Labour's plans for a golden decade of sport in Britain, and for young people. To view a full copy of the manifesto, please click here

The manifesto sets out guarantees of 5 hours a week of competitive sport for all under-19s in full time educat ion as well as the creation of a national network of 3,000 Olympic after-school Sports Clubs for teenagers by 2011. Other measures in the manifesto include 10,000 new Volunteer Coaches by 2012 and more free swimming sessions for children and the over-60s.

Prime Minister Gordon Brown said:
"Right across this country when people mention the word sport, they mention Loughborough. The Sports Manifesto we are launching today, explains our commitment to sport and our polices for the future. We have already delivered a major increase in investment in school sport, and 90 per cent of children are taking part in 2 hours PE per week. In the future we will build on this foundation and make the next ten years a truly golden decade for UK sport."

The encouragement of sporting activity is also a key component of Labour's drive to improve public health.

Commenting on today's launch, Andy Burnham, Labour's Health Secretary, said:
"Our future vision for sports is also a big part of our health vision. A fitter, more active Britain is a more healthy Britain. School sports, free swimming, great playing fields - these are all central to the preventative health agenda in Britain not just the sports agenda."


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