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Labour Party: Would you bet your future on the judgement of George Osborne?

Alistair Darling, Labour’s Chancellor of the Exchequer, speaking at the Centrepoint building in London this morning said:

"The choice this week couldn't matter more. I can tell you from personal experience - when faced with the scale of challenges we've seen in the last few years, every judgement is crucial.

"As we've seen in other countries, we are not out of the woods yet.

"Today, our economy stands poised between risk and recovery.

"Pause. Think. Understand just how much is at stake.

"Are you happy to bet your job, your house, your families' future on the judgement of George Osborne? A man with an unbroken record of getting it wrong. His inexperience is a risk. His judgement is a risk.

"His values are wrong. His policies are a risk. To jobs, living standards, tax credits, family finances, schools and hospitals.

"Why should anyone believe that a man who got it so spectacularly wrong in the recession should suddenly get it right on the recovery. He won’t."

Tessa Jowell, Labour's Minister for London, who joined Mr Darling, contrasted the Conservatives' portrayal of London as a 'broken society' and Labour’s belief that London is strong, dive rse and vibrant leading world city.

Tessa Jowell said:

"I completely reject the Conservative Party's belief that London is 'broken'. It's a brilliant city to live and work in thanks to the people who live here.

"Throughout this campaign, I've met hundreds of Londoners: from Hammersmith and Kilburn in west London; to Eltham in south London; to Poplar in east London; and Islington and Walthamstow in north London.

"London isn't a broken society, it's stronger than ever before.

"If you love what London is and what London could become, vote Labour on Thursday."


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