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Liberal Democratic Party: MOD rental costs up 55% – Rennie

Government expenditure on Substitute Single Service Accommodation (SSSA) has increased by 55% since 2004, according to figures obtained by the Liberal Democrats.

SSSA is accommodation which the MoD rents temporarily when none of its existing housing is suitable. However, despite a recent NAO report which found that 17% of MoD properties are standing empty, the Government is now spending over £50m a year on it, up from £33m in 2004.

Commenting, Liberal Democrat Defence Spokesperson, Willie Rennie said:

“The Government cannot justify this level of waste, especially when our frontline troops are still suffering shortages of helicopters and armoured vehicles.

“The MOD needs to explain whether this huge increase in rental costs is down to mismanagement or the poor condition of the housing stock it owns.

“This is yet more evidence that the MOD needs to cut back on waste in order to give our brave troops the conditions and homes they deserve.”


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