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4M Wireless Ltd.: 4M Wireless Participates in Telefonica O2 LTE Trials

4M Wireless LTE protocol stack in LTE terminals rolled out in operator user trials and planned commercial deployments as demand ramps up

4M Wireless, the leading provider of LTE protocol stack software today announced that its protocol stack is powering LTE terminal baseband chipsets in use in Telefonica O2's user trials in Germany. The LTE chipsets with the 4M Wireless stack are capable of LTE throughputs of 100Mbps/50Mbps DL/UL respectively and support FDD/TDD LTE. O2 commenced the user program on December 2010 offering consumers LTE devices, SIMs and connections as part of its initiative to provide LTE technology to the wider market and shall start commercial LTE in the first half of 2011.

O2 has completed technical trials in Germany and aims to offer commercial 800MHz and 2.6GHz services. The carrier intends to expand its LTE network in 2011 to target fixed and mobile broadband. The technical field trials were planned and tiered in accordance with rigorous industry standards. O2 has now progressed to user trials several weeks ago in which it provides consumers with a terminal that includes the 4M Wireless LTE protocol stack. The terminal integrates LTE, wireless LAN and voice in a single device. The network partners include Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN) and Huawei Technologies.

The 4M Wireless PS100 LTE protocol stack software is fully compliant with the 3GPP LTE Release 8 specifications supporting FDD/TDD variants of LTE. 4M Wireless also provides a comprehensive toolset and GUI which allows engineers to take real-time measurements see end-to-end messages between the network and terminal and carry out live debugging. As a result engineers can easily identify and quickly resolve technical issues in the field. The 4M Wireless PS100 LTE stack is licensed in several commercial terminal baseband solutions in use worldwide and is also the only available cellular stack currently undergoing both FDD and TDD field trials in Europe, USA and Asia. Upcoming activities include participation in China Mobile’s large scale commercial trials in up to 6 cities in 2011.

“It is good to see the 4M Wireless LTE stack in initial consumer devices such as USB modems, express cards and CPEs, and in the hands of end users. We are pleased to be accelerating the rollout of the LTE chipsets and in early LTE carrier deployments,” stated Atif Malik, CEO of 4M Wireless. “4M Wireless strengthens the offering of its partners in this deployment by providing an industry verified software stack and it confirms the optimal performance and low power consumption of its software.”

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4M Wireless Ltd is a supplier of advanced software solutions for mobile communications and is the industry leader in LTE protocol stack software for mobile devices. The 4M Wireless PS100 LTE protocol stack consists of Layer 2, Layer 3 and NAS protocol layers fully compliant to the latest 3GPP Release 8 specifications. The PS100 software been ported to multiple embedded platforms and is designed to have a low memory footprint and optimum processor utilization. The company’s award winning software is currently being used by a variety of leading customers and partners. For more information about 4M Wireless visit

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