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Algo Technologies: The Algo Group Significantly Increases London Fibre Network Footprint

The Algo Group Is Extending Its Unique Ultra-Low Latency Market Access Infrastructure Directly To London’s Trading Community Via A New London Wide Fibre Network Leased From Scottish And Southern Energy Telecommunications (“SSET”).

The Algo Group is extending its unique ultra-low latency market access infrastructure directly to London’s trading community via a new London wide fibre network leased from Scottish and Southern Energy Telecommunications (“SSET”).

Through Group co-founder, National Telco license holder FibreSpan Limited, the Group will lease “SSET’s” London dark fibre metro network thus enhancing the Group’s delivery of extreme low-latency services to algorithmic traders. The agreement combines AlgoSpan’s optical connectivity platform and ‘fibre to the door’ access to major liquidity venues, with Algo Technologies’ low latency market data feeds.

The network covers thousands of London- based trading participants and interconnects with AlgoSpan’s International Exchange Network. Combined with its capability to install bespoke fibre, customers can seamlessly connect their trading engines for the lowest possible latency access to available trading venues, using dedicated shortest path ‘fibre to the door’ optical networking.

AlgoSpan’s connectivity solutions are custom designed to take the most direct route for super fast market execution, enhanced by Algo Technologies ‘AlgoData’, which has been cited by customers as the best low latency data service on the market.

“The integration of SSET’s London metro network now forms an integral part of our growing fibre footprint which allows us to connect into buildings occupied by financial firms all over London, enabling shortest path network access to our global exchange/trading platform infrastructure,” said Robert Bicket, Chief Executive of AlgoSpan.

Hirander Misra, Chief Executive of Algo Technologies adds: “This differentiates us from other players that buy network services from third parties and sell it on, as through AlgoSpan we have control of our own telecoms network. Additionally we provide managed exchange network connectivity, colocation and near zero latency fully distributed market data services - a unique ability to cover the whole value chain within a single group.”

The AlgoSpan network links key financial exchanges and data centres in London, Stockholm, Frankfurt, Zurich, Chicago and New York. As a subsidiary of FibreSpan, a national Telco specialising in dark fibre, AlgoSpan has a unique capability to provide fibre connectivity directly between the customer’s premises and the exchange network, providing customers with specific end-to-end latencies between their premises and different exchanges.

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About AlgoSpan

AlgoSpan is a network carrier providing ultra-low latency ‘shortest path’ connectivity solutions, designed to reduce execution times to all major trading venues across Europe and the United States. We combine high-performance point-to-point network and proximity hosting services to deliver super fast market access directly to the trading desktop. AlgoSpan is a joint venture between FibreSpan Limited and Algo Technologies Limited. For more information please visit

About Algo Technologies

Algo Technologies is a specialist trading technology firm providing differentiated high speed trading solutions to firms and markets so that they can ‘be first as it’s all in the timing’’. The company’s solutions include: AlgoData – an in-house developed, fully distributed extremely low latency market data service – offering what we have been told is the industry’s fastest market data at competitive rates. AlgoM2 – the industry’s fastest ever exchange/MTF matching engine at 16 microseconds round trip latency, delivering performance 15-30 times faster than the next quickest offering (verified by CorvilNet™). Algo Technologies’ solutions are built by a team with many years of expertise in electronic trading across the value chain. For more information please visit

About FibreSpan

FibreSpan is a network carrier specialising in private ultra-high bandwidth ‘fibre to the door’ connectivity for the purpose of transporting critical business traffic as cost-effectively as possible. Our customers come from a range of industry sectors, but all share the same need for point-to-point high bandwidth network connectivity to manage uninterrupted communications between multiple locations. They have to balance ever increasing bandwidth requirements with mounting pressure to contain infrastructure costs. Founded in 2001, FibreSpan has a national telecommunication license (with code powers) and over the years has been increasingly recognised as one of the country’s leading providers of private fibre networks. For more information please visit


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