Press release - Visitors Flock to New Meerkat Village

The UK's love of meerkats has been demonstrated once again with online visitors flocking to a new digital meerkat village, ( After just a few days of going live, the new site - which showcases founder Aleksandr Orlov's home town of Meerkovo - is already attracting tens of thousands of visitors daily. This follows the success of Aleksandr's autobiography, A Simples Life, which became a Sunday Times bestseller.

Aleksandr's army of UK fans (he has over 3/4 million friends on Facebook and over 40,000 followers on Twitter) are visiting for the chance to step inside the home of the nation's best loved meerkat. Visitors to the new and exciting website are able to meet new meerkats, explore the village and enter buildings including the local Queasy Mongoose Pub, Yakov's toy shop, and Aleksandr's mansion.

From today, those entering the site will be able to challenge other meerkat aficionados in the Queasy Mongoose Pub quiz, and stay up-to-date with all the latest Meerkovo news via the local paper, the Meerkovian. Over time, new games, meerkats and interactive features will be added to

Aleksandr Orlov said: "I have Sergei working 24/7, seven days a week to build new website. It is called Here peoples can explore my local village Meerkovo and meet many villagers from old to young. In this way peoples can understand our plight and finally learn differences."

The website is part of new advertising campaign, which premiered on 1st January. In it the entrepreneurial meerkat and founder of has turned documentary-maker to introduce us to the village of Meerkovo. The villagers are suffering as a result of people in the UK confusing his site with when looking for cheap car insurance ( quotes.


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