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Go Fulfilment: Outsourced Warehousing Helped Online Retailers Cope During the Busiest Year Ever, Says Go Fulfilment

With increased traffic to online retailers' sites, outsourced warehousing has helped retailers cope with the busiest online shopping year to date, says fulfilment house Go Fulfilment. Online shopping has become a convenient solution for those who can't get to the shops during their opening hours and this year due to extreme weather conditions the holiday shopping period experienced a surge of online shoppers.

Using outsourced warehousing has helped order fulfilment for e-tailers experiencing high order volumes. These warehouses were able to provide staff to cover 24 hours to handle the holiday rush. Outsourced warehouses are generally located in areas with good transport links enabling dispatch of ordered goods despite difficult weather conditions.

Brian Taylor, CEO of Go Fulfilment said, "Leaving the warehouse to focus on the pick and pack of each order, e-tailers are able to focus on customer service during the rush period. Those who receive constant communication regarding the status of their order are more likely to return as a customer, even if their orders are late due to weather conditions."

Those e-tailers who use outsourced warehousing are able to save money by not having to rent their own warehouse space, pay for unnecessary staff during the off-season and by utilising the warehouse's relationship with shipping companies, which could expedite delivery.

In the past, small businesses have had to bring in extra staff to deal with the increased volume of sales that occur during the holiday season. This could lead to sloppy mistakes, as the staff would not be used to the e-tailers stock. Using outsourced warehouses alleviates such mistakes as they have a stock control and inventory system in place. Outsourced warehousing is ideal for online sellers, especially during peak and busy times of the year. For more information on outsourced warehousing for small businesses, contact

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