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ImpulsePay: ImpulsePay launches new website

Easier way for online retailers to access mobile purchasing solutions

ImpulsePay (, the UK’s leading Payforit provider, has unveiled its new website. In a sign of progression for the company, the new site provides a more streamlined experience for its clients.

Since its launch in 2009, ImpulsePay has established itself as the leading supplier of the Payforit service. With more and more content owners signing up to ImpulsePay’s service, the mobile purchasing solution is achieving greater penetration and the number of visitors to ImpulsePay’s site has continued to grow. The launch of the new ImpulsePay website is in response to this increased demand, with the new site designed to support the growth of the technology and the company.

Mobile purchasing is a service which allows consumers to purchase goods online using their mobile handset. This purchase is then added to your contracted mobile bill, or deducted from your PAYG credit, making the process of purchasing online quick, easy and open to anyone with a mobile handset. The speed and simplicity of the service can also been seen by the fact that, rather than it taking 120 keystrokes to purchase online with a credit card, a mobile purchase can be made within 16 keystrokes.

Supported by all licensed UK network operators, the service is extremely simple to set up. With the new website, ImpulsePay will be able to make the process even easier and will also be highlighting developments in its service. Unlike previous forms of online payment, such as using credit cards, SMS billing or PayPal, ImpulsePay’s Payforit service setup is straightforward and easy to use with instructions available online.

As the mobile purchasing solution uses SMS, content owners can choose to send further communications to their customers, individual messages about delivery, upgrades or new products and services. The current revenue split is similar to the 70:30 split offered by Apple, yet through increased communication content owners can dramatically increase the lifetime value (LTV) of their customers.

“The new website marks an important step in the progression of ImpulsePay,” said Paul Patterson, Operations Director of ImpulsePay. “More people than ever before are getting involved with mobile purchasing and it’s great to see that the technology has become so popular with both consumers and retailers. Of course the popularity doesn’t surprise us as it’s easy to understand and simple to use, and the new website should articulate that even further.”

Earlier this year, ImpulsePay introduced its Age Verification technology in conjunction with network providers. This means that content or services targeted to adult audiences will not be accessible to those too young to view or access it, thanks to a partnership with operators who verify the handsets registration details.

Recent customer successes include and BeeBeep.Tv. With, users are now able to access the newest Early Bird ads on their mobile phone through the service. BeeBeep.Tv also recently launched ImpulsePay’s Payforit on their site, giving users the ability to advertise cars online for sale through mobile purchasing.


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