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Jargon PR: CentraStage V4 Launched at BETT 2011

LA’s & IT Support Businesses to Benefit from CentraStage V4.

CentraStage, a leading computer management and monitoring software provider, today launched CentraStage V4, an innovative new version of its cloud technology used widely by IT support organisations across the public and private sector.

CentraStage V4 introduces the ComStore, an integrated application store that allows CentraStage users to download and deploy pre-packaged software to their managed IT estate, regardless of network or location. Core features such as audit, configuration, monitoring, remote support and reporting are all enhanced, while new services and functionality available via the ComStore will include additional reports, monitors, scripts and dashboard widgets as well as 3rd party software packages.

Ian van Reenen, CTO of CentraStage, comments, “Our users have always been able to upload their own components – software, scripts, useful utilities - to their CentraStage account; the ComStore now provides an easy way for them to purchase additional IT support functionality online. We will continue to offer the five core elements of device management within the basic package, but now users will be able to enhance functionality on demand with the features they need and only where they need them. Think of it as the AppStore for IT management tools. Within a short time users will also be able to purchase third party apps such as anti-virus or backup solutions directly from the ComStore and have CentraStage deploy and manage them automatically.”

CentraStage is already helping over 40 Local Authorities and school IT support companies transform the management of IT in schools, automating routine IT tasks and improving efficiency. With budget cuts widespread but schools increasingly reliant on IT, CentraStage’s SaaS offering delivers a unique proposition in the education market, reducing IT downtime in schools and enabling service providers to provide better IT services more efficiently.

Christian Nagele, Managing Director of CentraStage comments, “ComStore represents a major step forward when it comes to IT management technology, enabling our customers to customise the solution to their precise needs, therefore paying for only the features and functionality that they need. In addition the ComStore will dramatically simplify the adoption, deployment and ongoing management of new software in schools, whilst Version 4 as a whole builds on CentraStage’s goal of re-defining the IT support market for schools and businesses.”

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