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Unisport launches 100% environmentally friendly infill material for artificial turf

The Nordic one-stop-shop service provider for sports facilities now introduces its most recent and game changing innovation: SALTEX BIOFILL TM - a 100% natural and environmentally friendly infill material for artificial turf .The new material is the world's first completely organic and fully biodegradable infill granulate.

SALTEX BIOFILL ™ is part of the FIFA approved Saltex Legacy ™ artificial turf system.

"As part of the artificial turf system, the new infill material is made entirely of organic materials and is 100% compostable . The infill is certified biodegradable and has many end-of-life options, of which one is recycling. We have created many pilot installations in several countries and the feedback from the users and players has been positive. Finally, we can say that we have developed the most environmentally friendly artificial turf system in the market and we can't wait to share it with the world, " says Anjo van der Wende , Unisport Business and Development Manager Artificial Turf.

"We believe in continuous development, quality control and collaboration with athletes, suppliers of raw materials and testing laboratories. In addition, we have a recycling program for our current artificial turf fields through which we can maximize the use of recycling for all field components. , ”Van der Wende mentions.

Unisport has a long standing history of creating innovative and environmentally friendly solutions and focuses on responsibly developing sustainable sports facilities. As the artificial turf industry keeps evolving, Unisport with its partners develop artificial turf solutions that are of the highest quality, more durable, more ecological and provide the best playing conditions for athletes at all levels.

Unisport's vision is to build a healthier society by making people move. "We want to provide the best conditions for exercise and sports and, together with our customers, create a healthier society through increased movement. The environment and people's health are of utmost importance in our daily operations and part of all our business areas. Constantly developing products and manufacturing methods that will ensure a greener environment, "says Petteri Laaksomo , CEO of Unisport.

Unisport has delivered and built over a thousand artificial turf pitches to the Nordic countries and is one of the few FIFA Preferred Producers.

Unisport is the clear market leader in sports facilities surfaces and equipment in the Nordic countries. Unisport has a pro forma turnover of 155 million euros and 400 employees in 7 countries. The head office is located in Helsinki, Finland. The companies operating in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, the UK, the Netherland and Latvia complement each other product-wise and geographically. The aim is to achieve significant growth in sales and to become a leading North European one-stop service partner, whose sports facility concepts provide the best environment for athletes as well as spectators.