Press release - - Online Freelance Network is a website which provides the latest news in communication, business tips and ideas as well as being a platform for people to share their business ideas, network for freelancers and collaborate on their own personal projects with like-minded professionals. No matter if you are looking for ideas for your business, education services or a freelance community you will find it on The flexible, innovative design of the site means that it is capable of serving multiple purposes without losing its distinct focus, ease of use and flowing navigation.

Some of the features of the site include regularly updated blogs, live news feeds and bookmarks to the essential sites for innovative ideas, concepts, products, information, and tools for freelancers and project managers. All content on the main blogs and featured content is managed by dedicated staff. offers regular updates which creates a loyal and growing group of followers, already sporting 150 active members. is free to use since there is no need to register or pay in order to benefit from the wide range of options the site offers to its followers. offers and so it provides both video and written blogs featuring an array of articles about the latest news in Freelance, Communication as well as advice and ideas for your business. All this serves to keep readers interested and always wanting to come back for more. The community has the added advantage of communicating their own projects in a way that has never been done before. Imagine, freelancers collaborating with freelancers to create a business project of their own, or companies directly advertising their projects to the community so other project managers can add to it, be a part of it or employ some freelancers to help out with the project. The community can also communicate directly and with the ability to create and manage personal profiles, selecting the right person to collaborate with on your project is a less laborious task.


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