Press release - - Natural Disasters & Environment is a site for the latest news and information about natural disasters and environmental degradation in general. Instead of just giving an account of current natural disasters, also provides information and coverage about incidents in the environment even if there is not a big disaster as there are a lot of things going on in the background which could become a big disaster some day.

No matter if you are interested in the latest news and information about threats like earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanos or tornados, offers it all. The flexible, innovative design of the site means that it is capable of serving multiple purposes without losing its distinct focus, ease of use and flowing navigation.


Whether you are looking for regularly updated blogs, live news feeds and bookmarks to the essential sites for the latest news and background information as far as power of nature is concerned, will provide it all. All featured content is managed by a dedicated staff. provides regular updates which create a loyal and growing amount of followers. These updates include the latest statistics and results by internationally accepted institutes which provide forecasts as far as potential upcoming natural disasters are concerned. provides both video and written blogs featuring an array of articles about possible incidents, their triggers and their effects. This includes natural disasters as well as environmental issues like forest dieback, endangered animals, the substantially receding of glaciers and many other things that could become a nature disaster for the future generations. is free to use since there is no need to create an account or to pay fees to benefit from the wide range of options the site offers to its followers.


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