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A quality connection on the move

Press release   •   Jun 28, 2006 23:00 BST

Virgin Trains passengers can look forward to continuous high-speed internet connection while on the move.

A trial is about to start on board a Pendolino train and it is anticipated that, unlike other wireless internet systems, the signal will not be lost when trains pass through tunnels.

Our partner for the trial, QinetiQ Rail, has developed a Connected CarriageTM system that uses every available Wide Area Network (WAN) to create the best possible train-to-shore link. It employs WiMAX, bi-directional satellite Wi-Fi and cellular networks and selects the best available connection so passengers can enjoy a continuous broadband connection throughout their journey.

Most other on-train systems rely on non-dedicated networks and deliver an intermittent and sometimes poor service.

Virgin Trains has issued an Invitation to Tender to a number of specialist companies to assess the costs and benefits of introducing wireless internet onboard its entire West Coast and CrossCountry train fleets.


For further information contact the Virgin Trains Press Desk or the QinetiQ Press Office on 01252 394573.

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