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Buy your movies on Voddler and store them in the cloud to access everywhere

Voddler, Scandinavia’s leading video-on-demand (VOD) service, now launches purchase movies, so that consumers can buy their favorite movies on Voddler and not just rent them. When they buy movies on Voddler, consumers have the choice to either download the movie or to leave it on Voddler. If they leave the film on Voddler, they can then watch the movie wherever they login in to their Voddler-account. With this, Voddler is the first in Scandinavia – and among the first VOD-services in the world – to offer cloud-based and device-neutral purchase movies.  Buy your movie once, access it everywhere.

For several years now, film watchers in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and also Spain have been able to both rent movies on Voddler (19 kr – 37 kr per film; or 1,90 EUR – 3,80 EUR per film) or watch the movies that are included in the membership program Voddler Plus (79 kr/month; or 7,90 EUR/month).  The thousands of movies that Voddler shows, from the latest blockbusters to the best classics, are also available for download, so called “offline mode”.

Starting today, Voddler now also offers purchase movies. When a customer buys a Voddler-movie, they choose whether to download the film to their computer or to leave it on Voddler. If you choose to keep the movie on Voddler, you can access it on any internet-connected unit by logging into your account on Voddler. This makes Voddler the first VOD-service in the Nordics to offer so called “cloud based purchasing” for movies. If the consumer instead chooses to download the bought movie, they can do so on up to five different computers.

- Film buyers would like to not have the hassle of remembering where they put their bought movies, regardless of it’s a physical disc or a downloaded file. A cloud-purchased movie is accessible everywhere where you have an internet-connected screen. You buy it once and access it everywhere. At the same time, we recognize that some consumers still prefer to keep the file themselves, so we also offer traditional downloading, says Anders Sjöman, Voddler’s head of communication.

At launch, Voddler offers over 200 titles for purchase, including both new releases and classics. The list will now grow as more purchase rights are licensed.  Which units an individual film is accessible on depends on the rights owner’s approval of platforms and is marked on the movie’s page on Voddler. Some movies are thus not playable on all platforms - smart phones, tablets, computers and computer-connected TV-screens – where Voddler is.

To watch downloaded Voddler-movies, the consumer needs Voddler’s Offline Movie Player (free download on Voddler).

Purchase movies on Voddler will at launch cost from 69 kr (5,99 EUR) up to 139 kr (13,49 EUR)


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About Voddler
Video-on-demand (VOD) service Voddler legally offers the best and most up-to-date movies and TV-series from 35 of the world's leading film studios, including the Hollywood giants. Voddler offers the movie lover instant viewing of both free movies (PLAY), premium titles for rent (RENT) and purchases (EST CLOUD). The company’s proprietary technology offers an unparalleled viewing experience on a large and growing range of internet connected devices such as PCs, MACs, smartphones, tablets and connected TV-screens and enables features such as HD and offline mode. Currently, Voddler has over 1 million registered customers in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland and is rapidly expanding internationally.


Anders Sjöman

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