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Patrick Ståhle joins Voddler’s board of directors

The Swedish entertainment service Voddler has appointed Patrick Ståhle as a new member of the board of directors.


Patrick Ståhle, who has considerable experience of the media sector and who was most recently the chairman and CEO of Singapore-based Aegis Media APAC (part of Aegis Plc – a company noted on the London Stock Exchange), has been appointed member of the board of directors for Voddler Group AB.




-          “We are very pleased that Patrick, who has been a shareholder from the very start, has joined our board. He will add valuable competence thanks to his considerable international experience,” says Jan Söderberg, Voddler’s main owner and chairman of the board.


Apart from his previous engagement at Aegis Media, Patrick Ståhle has also been CEO of Aegis Media Nordic and Canal+ Nordic.




-          “Voddler is now entering a very exciting phase with the company becoming international, I am looking forward to becoming involved in the board of directors and will assist with my international experience and network of contacts,” says Patrick Ståhle.


The members of Voddler Group AB’s board of directors are Jan Söderberg (chairman), Marcus Bäcklund, Bertil Villard, Hadar Cars and Patrick Ståhle.




Voddler currently has extensive contracts with leading global movie companies, over 500,000 registered users and shows tens of thousands of movies per day. We will shortly be opening Voddler in Norway, Denmark and Finland.




For more information, please contact:


Marcus Bäcklund, President and CEO +46 (0)733 80 17 80,


Jan Söderberg, Chairman, +1 970 544 66 00,




About Voddler
Founded in 2005, Voddler is located in Stockholm, Sweden. Voddler’s mission is to offer a premium video service for users, advertisers and content owners. Voddler brings together premium content from leading content companies including Walt Disney, Dreamworks, Paramount, Warner Bros., Touchstone Pictures, Metro Goldwyn Mayer, New Line Home Entertainment, Columbia Pictures, HBO Home Video, Miramax, Buena Vista, Sony Pictures, Castle Rock Entertainment, Turner Entertainment, Sandrew Metronome, Atlantic Pictures, Scanbox, Noble Entertainment, PAN Vision, Nonstop Media, TVF, FilmFactory and BBC Worldwide.


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About Voddler
Video-on-demand (VOD) service Voddler legally offers the best and most up-to-date movies and TV-series from 35 of the world's leading film studios, including the Hollywood giants. Voddler offers the movie lover instant viewing of both free movies (PLAY), premium titles for rent (RENT) and purchases (EST CLOUD). The company’s proprietary technology offers an unparalleled viewing experience on a large and growing range of internet connected devices such as PCs, MACs, smartphones, tablets and connected TV-screens and enables features such as HD and offline mode. Currently, Voddler has over 1 million registered customers in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland and is rapidly expanding internationally.


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